Blood Stains

Ever stubbed your toe on the door and hobbled some blood over the floor? If so after sifting through the first aid kit, your going to want to attend to the carpet.

Absorb as much of the blood as you can with paper napkins or a terry towel.

If you have an enzyme based laundry detergent, mix a teaspoon into a cup of water and dab it onto the stain.
If you do not have an enzyme based detergent, mix 1 teaspoon mild detergent and 1 teaspoon white vinegar into a cup of warm water. Apply the solution to the spot, and let dry.

Apply Go Spot carpet spotter, or dry-cleaning fluid and Vacuum gently after the carpet is dry.

Be mindful not to scrub the stain as you do not want to spread it around, or push it deeper into the fibers. If your not having much success, give your local Go Clean technician a call on 1300-1400-46, He'll have a whole bag of goodies for treating blood spots in the carpet!