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Welcome to Go Clean Carpet Cleaning Adelaide - Home of SA's most effective DRY carpet cleaning, spot and stain removal professionals! Servicing both the inner and outer metropolitan areas of Adelaide and South Australia, From Victor Harbor through to the Barossa, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a premium, personalised service unmatched by any other competitor in the state!
Go Clean will clean your home or office, domestic or commercial premises, utilising the most effective carpet DRY cleaning method in Australia, and our highly experienced technicians will leave your carpets 'Walk on Dry' on completion of the clean, meaning you can get back to work (or play) FAST!
Having such highly skilled technicians, means we are able to offer much more than a generic clean of your carpets. Our services also extend to include carpet repairs and re-laying, 24hr emergency water damage treatment, Leather and upholstery cleaning, fabric protection, mattress cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, as well as cleaning your outdoor bricks and paving! If it has something to do with cleaning, there's a pretty good chance we have the solution, so call your local GO CLEAN technician today, on 1300-1400-GO, ......... 1300-1400-46

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Product Review website, J_man Reviewed Go Clean in, Nov 2011
Perfect! Cat hair gone! Stains All Gone!
Pros: Easy to Book, Great Results, Bargain Price
Overall: I wasnt present at the time of the clean, I left my keys in my letterbox for Go Clean to collect when they arrived.
I recieved a phone call on the day of the clean while they were at my house confirming the quote ($89), and again when they were finished when I made my payment over the phone with credit card. My biggest problem is cat hair, and crayon from the kids, no ammount of vacumming seems to ever remove it, even by professionals, but when I came home that afternoon I was trueley amazed at the results. You wouldnt even know I had an indoor pet (which should keep the landlord happy :) ). I expected to at very least to be able to see some of the crayon marks and didnt believe them when they told me they got it all out when I spoke on the phone, but it was gone alright!
I reccomend Go Clean to any home with pets or children as the results are outstanding

Rating: 5