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Living Social, Kerry Mackay Reviewed Go Clean in, Mar 2013
excellent service, on time, professional, quick and easy. will definitely use them again !!!

Rating: 5

Living Social, Rosalind Farquhar Reviewed Go Clean in, Mar 2013
The boys were adaptable and helpful the very hot weather increased the humidity and the carpet stayed damp longer but we worked around this Ive also learnt to rake the carpet to lift the pile

Rating: 5

Living Social, Kirsty Oman Reviewed Go Clean in, Mar 2013
Job well done. They were quick and efficient, carpets look great!
Rating: 5

Living Social, Adam Ford Reviewed Go Clean in, Mar 2013
great job, thanks so much :)
Rating: 5

Living Social, Emma Liggett Reviewed Go Clean in, Mar 2013
They gave us a voucher for our next clean.
Rating: 5

Living Social, Judi Taylor Reviewed Go Clean in, Mar 2013
very impressed. great prompt service and a good job done. have recommended them to family already.
Rating: 5

Living Social, Tony Smith Reviewed Go Clean in, Mar 2013
Very fast and thorough. Friendly guys who actually cleaned the carpets. Will be using this company again. carpets very clean indeed. Extremely pleased.
Rating: 5

Oneflare website, Michelle Pearson Reviewed Go Clean in, Jan 2013
The price was great as are the results. The man was professional and friendly and knew exactly what needed to be done to bring my lounge up like new again. There were ink stains on the arms and sweat stains on the headrests that you would never know ever existed now. I've reccomended Go Clean to my bestiealready
Rating: 5

Facebook, Trudy Tapp Reviewed Go Clean in, Dec 2012
Fantastic service, great job. Thank you.
Rating: 5

Facebook, Meg Butler Reviewed Go Clean in, Dec 2012
Thank you for your excellent service. You arrived on time-well early actually and did an excellent job of cleaning the carpets. Thoroughly recommend this company
Rating: 5

Email, Kelly and Jade Reviewed Go Clean in, June 2012
I had my three bedrooms cleaned by two of your staff (Dave and Brad), and I would like to say they performed well above standard. They were very polite, professional, and interacted well with my son which pleased me. The work they performed was fantastic, neat and clean. Big shout out to Dave who I spoke to most. He helped me with a couple of questions on future jobs I might need and answered all my questions. Even though I only spoke to them for a short time, I left the house and rang my husband to let him know how I went on, and how good the service was. Thank-you so much.
Rating: 5

Product Review website, Samantha Cromwell Reviewed Go Clean in, May 2012
Got My Bond Back
Pros: great results, came out the same day
Overall: My Landlord said the carpets would need to be replaced after I cleaned them with the machine I hired from the supermarket. I thought they weren't too bad except for a few stains that I just couldn't get out myself. I had another carpet cleaner come out first who said there wasn't any point just cleaning the stains unless he did the whole floor as they might not come out, but go clean were happy to treat just the spots! the marks they cleaned looked so good that I ended up getting them to clean the rest of the carpet anyway because it showed up my effort 100%.
Landlord is happy, so I'm Happy too!

Rating: 5

Womo, michaelh39 Reviewed Go Clean in, May 2012
I've used a few carpet cleaners before, but Go Clean have got to be the best carpet cleaner in Adelaide by far! The same cordial spill that has been on my rug for as long as I can remember was left behind by 3 different carpet cleaning companys (and I wasnt expecting it to come out), but the boys from Go Clean didnt seem to struggle with it at all! The carpet cleaned up niceley and im not embarrassed to have the rug on display in the lounge room any more!
I have no hessitation in reccomending this service

Rating: 5

True Local, Jeremy Aubert Reviewed Go Clean in, Apr 2012
I got Go Clean in after a mahoosive party wrecked my carpet before an inspection. They did a great job and I got the Go Guard stuff to hopefully make it easier to clean later. Before the final inspection a year later we got them back in and the carpet had been trashed, burn marks and lots of dirt. They were heaps thorough and got the carpet looking great! I thought we might lose some of our bond but we got it all back. Wicked service and great prices, very happy
Rating: 5

Womo, jeremya Reviewed Go Clean in, Apr 2012
GoClean did my beige carpets before the final inspection. I lived with a crazy DJ and we had some bad party stains and burn marks from where a shisha coal got knocked over. The guy who came in was very thorough and got our carpets back up looking great and we got our bond back! Probably helped when we got the GoGuard done about a year earlier before an inspection. Definitely recommend these guys! He looked after me
Rating: 5

True Local, elcapitano Reviewed Go Clean in, Apr 2012
I really appreciate the attention to detail Brad paid towards the marks on my lounge. I was just after a bit of a spruce up and knew that there were a lot of stains that wouldn't come out, but I think he actually got them ALL!
The result was well above my expectations, Go Clean are terrific!

Rating: 5

Womo, Maestro Reviewed Go Clean in, Apr 2012
Genuine Great Service!
I was able to book online and get the time I wanted over the weekend, They cleaned up some rugs for nothing, and the carpets look as good as I can ever remember!

Rating: 5

Womo, rosannac1 Reviewed Go Clean in, Apr 2012
The service that Go Clean provide is professional and fast. They not only did a great job on my couches, but also explained the process and gave me tips on how to maintain the fabric. I would recommend them to anyone. Very impressed!
Rating: 5

Yelp, Kelly Reviewed Go Clean in, Apr 2012
Thanks Matt,
Carpets look awesome! Better than they looked when I moved in (and they were supposed to have been cleaned then too).
If and when I need them done next, I'll deffiniteley give you a call!!!

Rating: 5

True Local, Banter Reviewed Go Clean in, Apr 2012
They came, They Cleaned, They left...... An hour later I notice they left an easter egg and gift certificate behind for m on the table. Cute :) !!!
Rating: 5

Womo, justinr2 Reviewed Go Clean in, Apr 2012
I Got my dates all wrong, and Go Clean were accommodating enough to send Matt out to me with only a few hours notice today so I could hand the keys back to the landlord!
My power was already cut off and he even organised with my neighbour while I was at work to let him run an extension cord from thier house just so I wouldnt lose my bond!
It would have been so easy for him to turn around and go home... I wasnt there when he arrived, no power, after hours.... But he persisted, and the landlords given us the all clear!!!
I could not be more Thankful!

Rating: 5

Womo, Dazzabrah087 Reviewed Go Clean in, Apr 2012
I got my tiles and grout cleaned. These blokes are excellent. Enough said. PM me if you want the before and after pics it's like night and day. Good job fellas.
Rating: 5

Womo, kellyallready Reviewed Go Clean in, Mar 2012
Thanks for the great job. I will definiteley be asking for Dave next time I get my carpets cleaned! Everything came up 110% and I'll be putting him on speed dial for the next party !
Rating: 5

Womo, Shibby86 Reviewed Go Clean in, Mar 2012
Perfect, used them a number of times over the last few years, Always been on time and friendly, always got excelent results, and always looked after me with the price!
Rating: 5

True Local, Tasket Reviewed Go Clean in, Mar 2012
I heard the add on the radio and booked on your website gocleanadelaide.com.au yesterday, and had Matthew out to clean my carpet today. I just wanted to let you know how delightful he was to have in my home, and what a great job he did on my carpet. He is such a friendly and professional man, and an asset to your company.
I would definiteley like to have him back for my next clean, and would like to thank you for an outstanding service.
-Roz, Oakden

Rating: 5

Yelp, Kirstin D Reviewed Go Clean in, Mar 2012
Perfect thankyou,
Collin went over and above the call of duty getting my carpet cleaned on a Sunday before they cut off the electricity.

Rating: 5

Womo, chandarp Reviewed Go Clean in, Mar 2012
I had a Leather lounge suite and ottoman cleaned by Matthew and it was a fantastic result!
He arrived just before the time I had booked, tested a small area to make sure I would be happy with the result before continuing to clean the whole thing by hand!
I gave him a bit of a hard time at first as I am always very sceptical about any service business, but he was so polite and I realy felt comfortable proceding after he explained and showed me what they do.
He realy took his time, and appeared to be very attentive to the bad spots on the arms.
I've never had leather cleaned before so didnt realy know how it was done or what to expect, but the results realy blew me away. I've had fabric cleaned before by anorher company, and it never came up this good.

Rating: 5

Product Review website, TomRuffo Reviewed Go Clean in, Feb 2012
Best Carpet Cleaner in Adelaide
Pros: great results, great price, primpt service
Overall: Hands down, Adelaides best carpet cleaner. I made the decision to book Go Clean after reading some of the reviews here and on other sites, and a smart decision it was.
After years of getting ripped off by my old cleaner I decided it was time for a change, not only were go clean significantly cheaper, but the carpets look incredible which is the most important thing - I wish I'd used them all along!
walkways came up great, food spills came out, looks good enough to eat off!
Thankyou for a genuine service and a job well done!

Rating: 5

True Local, bond-007 Reviewed Go Clean in, Feb 2012
I had Dave come out to clean my carpets and he did a fantastic job. I have nothing but praise for this company.
you realy are the best cleaner in Adelaide!
Thanyou for the good work!

Rating: 5

Product Review website, K8ie_80 Reviewed Go Clean in, Jan 2012
Very Impressed!
Pros: Same day, excellent service, only company who could do anything about it, funny guys
Overall: I have a brand new house, and decided to have a house warming party on brand new carpet. To cut a long story short, one of my friends vomited in 2 rooms after drinking bacardi breezers all night, and it was bright green everywhere! I rang 3 other carpet cleaners who said the stains would be unremovable and permanent.
After speaking with the operator from Go Clean, I was a little more optimistic, as they reassured me I had a fighting chance.
I had them out this morning, and watched them mix up a few different cocktails of spot removers and used all different methods that I never would have even thought of, and barely 30 minutes later, low and behold, the stain right before my eyes disappeared. I was only expecting it to fade at very best, but the stains are COMPLETELY GONE! The brand new carpet actually looks brand new again.
I would absolutely recommend these guys to anyone, in fact I already have to all my friends.
Do yourself a favour, if you need your carpets cleaned, call these guys, because they really are fantastic. I cant say enough, how impressed I am.

Rating: 5

Via Email Rosemary Matheson Reviewed Go Clean in, Dec 2011
Thank you to Brad who cleans carpets in the Adelaide western suburbs. Brad cleaned our carpets in Glenelg a couple of weeks ago & did a fantastic job. 12 months ago, we had the carpets '├žleaned' by a well known company which does a lot of advertising. You would never know that the carpets had been cleaned & not one stain removed.
Thanks Brad, I have passed your name on to a friend & will be happy to recommend you to others.

Rating: 5

True Local, mia_james Reviewed Go Clean in, Nov 2011
I used GO CLEAN to have my carpets clean and they were the easiest and best carpet cleaner i have ever used!!! The technician was on time, courteous and got the carpets CLEAN!! They didn't leave a speck of dust or dirt behind... I 100% agree with with pretty_ms when they say they didn't expect a miracle, BUT GOT ONE ANYWAY!! Thank you GO CLEAN, I would definitely recommend GO CLEAN to all my family and friends!!
Rating: 5

True Local, Rebecca Robinson Reviewed Go Clean in, Nov 2011
Had my carpets and lounges cleaned with GO CLEAN, and I can see the service technicial I had was absolutly fantastic. His professional approch towards myself, my furniture and my children was great. I would definately use and recommened GO CLEAN agian and again! : )
Rating: 5

Product Review website, J_man Reviewed Go Clean in, Nov 2011
Perfect! Cat hair gone! Stains All Gone!
Pros: Easy to Book, Great Results, Bargain Price
Overall: I wasnt present at the time of the clean, I left my keys in my letterbox for Go Clean to collect when they arrived.
I recieved a phone call on the day of the clean while they were at my house confirming the quote ($89), and again when they were finished when I made my payment over the phone with credit card. My biggest problem is cat hair, and crayon from the kids, no ammount of vacumming seems to ever remove it, even by professionals, but when I came home that afternoon I was trueley amazed at the results. You wouldnt even know I had an indoor pet (which should keep the landlord happy :) ). I expected to at very least to be able to see some of the crayon marks and didnt believe them when they told me they got it all out when I spoke on the phone, but it was gone alright!
I reccomend Go Clean to any home with pets or children as the results are outstanding

Rating: 5

True Local, pretty_ms Reviewed Go Clean in, Oct 2011
Wow! The carpet cleaner I had really is as good as it gets! I only just moved into a new house, the carpets were trashed, I knew that when I bought the place, and when I booked go clean I wasn't expecting any miracles.... BUT I GOT ONE ANYWAY! My floor is now practically new again! My home has gone from one you would be scared to walk on barefoot, to no shoes allowed inside! I cant thank the man from go clean enough, I thought I would surely be replacing the carpet in the near future, but they've saved me thousands and done a spectacular job -
one very happy customer

Rating: 5

Product Review website, Tasmin_glenelg Reviewed Go Clean in, Oct 2011
This is my new regular carpet cleaner!
Pros: early, helpful, inexpensive
Overall: My carpets were cleaned by a loveley young man. He phoned to let me know he could be early if I needed which was a great start as other tradesmen are normaly late. He vacuumed all my rooms moving my furniture as he went, and cleaned the trafficways near my front door perfectly where the last carpet cleaner said he couldnt improove on. He helped me re-arrange my furniture after he was done and set up my DVD player for me too. I have reffered him on to my daughters as it was an exceptional experiance and I think the world should know!
I will be use this company from now on!

Rating: 5

Via Email Kate English Reviewed Go Clean in, Aug 2011
Good morning, I found your company through your online offer and I had my carpets cleaned on Monday (...address hidden for privacy..., Croydon Park). I wanted to provide feedback that I was very, very impressed with the job that was done. The carpets look absolutely brilliant, and came up a lot better than I expected! I am absolutely confident that this will help us get our bond completely refunded. Thank you so much for such a great job! I will definitely use your services again!
Rating: 5

True Local Reviewed Go Clean in, May 2010
I found Go Clean through a friend and they were quite good (read: brilliant) on my carpet. They removed all the stains that the other carpet cleaners had left behind over the previous years. The cleaner was happy and friendly, and they were cheaper than my last cleaner too. Cant ask for much more than that, Thanks Guys!
Rating: 5