Upholstery & Leather Cleaning

Go Clean Leather and upholstery cleaning Adelaide Go Clean can clean all your soft furnishings, be it fabric or leather, with a top rate process that will bring your lounge suite back to life!

Our fabric cleaning process involves:
1) Pre inspection of any marks on your lounge so that we can identify any specialty stains or troublesome areas.
2) Your upholstery is tested for colour fastness, and if necessary, we will set the dye in your upholstery before we proceed.
3) Your lounge will be pre-treated with a specialised stain release treatment to break down greases and oils from your arm-rests and head-rests, as well as any spills.
4) We will thoroughly clean your fabric BY HAND, paying special attention to your problem areas. We are the only cleaners we know of that will hand clean your upholstery as part of our standard cleaning process. This allows for a more thorough clean and better result than other standard cleaning methods available.
5) Your fabric will be rinsed and conditioned with a hot (or cold if needed) water extraction sytem. This will take away the grime released by our earlier stain release treatment, and the conditioner will leave your fabric soft to the touch, and in some cases can leave your lounge more comfortable than when it was new!
6) Microsuede and plush fabric lounges will be brushed to ensure the even fresh look you haven't seen since new!

If your lounge is leather we offer a full leather maintainance service which involves:
1) Gentle hand cleaning of your leather using specialised leather cleaning solutions. No machine cleaning here, this is a delicate process that makes a substantial difference to the appearance and health of your leather. The hand cleaning process allows us to clean deep, under fixed cushions and around curves that machines just cant get to
2) Complete conditioning of your leather to keep it soft which will prevent cracking in the future, this process makes a noticable difference to the feel of your lounge when you sit on it, and is imperative to the longevity of the lifespan of your leather lounge suite.
3) Protection from top to toe. The leather protector will help protect against UV damage which can dry out your lounge and cause splits, cracks and chipping. Again, the extended lifespan on your lounge, that this process achieves, makes the entire clean worthwhile on its own.
4) Sit down, kick your feet up, and enjoy your freshly cleaned lounge!

The same processes applies to your automotive upholstery too, so if it's made to be sat in or on, and it's looking grubby, give us a call on 1300-1400-GO today!