Mattress Treatment

Go Clean Mattress Cleaning Adelaide Have you ever seen what comes out of a mattress? Chances are if you did it would be the last time you slept on your bed again!!! We spend about a third of our lives in bed, making our mattresses the single most used piece of furniture in the house, yet sometimes the most neglected. Quilts, blankets, sheets and pillowcases can all be put in the washing machine, but the mattress needs more specialised attention to keep it clean and hygienic.

Mattress Facts:
-The average person sheds 1 layer of skin every 2-4 weeks.... a third of this goes straight into your mattress
-hundreds of thousands of dust-mites feed on the dead skin in EVERY mattress you have ever owned
-1 pint of sweat and urea will be collected in the average Bed mattress EACH NIGHT while you sleep
-Dust might excrement found in mattresses is one of the most potent allergens, which can effect asthma, eczema, rashes and skin allergies as well as other bronchial and sinus problems
-Older mattresses are heavier than newer mattresses due to skin and sweat deposits

Go Clean dust-mite These are just some of the reasons why your mattress needs regular attention, but take a look at the picture to the left. This is a picture of a dust-mite feeding on a dead skin cell. It is a common mis-conception that dust-mites are a highly allergenic creature, but the reality is, they're not. It's the droppings and dead dust-mite shells, which are the real allergic risk. Go Clean Dead Skin Mattress Cleaning

Now take a look to the right and you will see what comes out of a small section of mattress after 2 months of use. This is a build up of dead skin and dust-mite droppings, it is a powdery substance that sinks straight through your mattress fibers and creates an excellent food source for the creepy arachnids that share the bed with you at night.

To test to see this problem in your mattress for yourself, grab a black cloth or sheet and place it on your mattress, put your vacuum hose on the black sheet and push down hard. Run your vacuum for 20-60 seconds without moving the hose. Turn your vacuum cleaner off and take a look at the white substance on the underside of your sheet - this is evidence of this very problem in your very own mattress!

Now, How to remove this issue...........
Call Go Clean, we will deep clean your mattress to extract this excrement problem and give you peace of mind. Your mattress will be fully sanitized and left smelling pleasantly fresh, allowing you to have the peaceful nights sleep you deserve.
Better yet, for a limited time only, we will clean your mattress for HALF PRICE if you have it cleaned at the same time as your carpet, leather or upholstery!

For the same reason you wash your clothes, furniture and linen, call Go Clean to clean your mattress today!