Tile & Grout Cleaning

Go Clean Tile & Grout Cleaning Adelaide
Go Clean can revitalize AND SEAL all kinds of tiling, grout and pavers, both indoors in your kitchen / bathroom etc., and outdoors in your garden or driveway.
- Porcelain
- Marble
- Ceramic
- Slate
- Bricks (including house and walls)
- Concrete + Paving
- Rock + more

using a combination of the industries most effective de-greasing solutions, a wealth of knowledge and experience, and a no-mess recovery system, our technicians can get your hard floors back looking the way they should...... CLEAN! The results are nothing short of OUTSTANDING, and you can see for yourself..... once we begin, the difference from old to clean really is like night and day!

Now it doesn't stop there either....... once your tiles and grout lines are sparkling again, we can seal them for you to keep them that way. Our impregnating sealer is second to none, and is rated to last up to 20 YEARS on both tiles, and porus grout lines.
It cant stop spills from happening, but it will stop dirt, grease + grime from penetrating into the grout, so you can clean it up easily!

Our tile + grout service is a complete service including -
- Pre-treating the floors with de-greasing and de-waxing agents
- Scrubbing of your grout lines
- Mess Free Heated High Pressure washing of your floors
- Recovery of all liquids
- Sealing where required of tiles and grout lines

Don't waste any time with a second rate clean - if you really want your tiles cleaned right, call us today on 1300-1400-GO (1300-1400-46) or book online http://www.go-clean.com.au/bookonline