Water Damage

Go Clean Water Damage restoration services 24hrs when your Sink or washing machine overflows Go Clean offers 24hr emergency service for the unfortunate situations where your carpet or furnishings become wet. Broken drainpipes, storm damage, faulty washing machines and dishwashers, or simply leaving the tap running in your Sink or bathroom can quickly create a dangerous situation in the home.
Immediate problems can present as slip and electrical hazards from dampness on the floor around electrical appliances.
Short term problems can occur over the coming days as the stagnant water grows mould which creates foul odours in the home.
Long term problems if not treated quickly can include rotten carpet, harmful mould spores in the home, permanent damage and rotting to the sub floor and ingress into walls including ballooning dry-wall and particleboard cupboards.

We know how important it is to get to these situations as soon as they occur, so if you have such a problem, pick up the phone and dial 1300-1400-GO (1400-1400-46) to get the ball rolling.

What happens if my home has become water damaged?
- First, isolate the problem... if its a leaking tap, turn off your mains water.. if its a leaky roof, get some buckets, and call the appropriate tradesperson if its beyond your immediate expertise, if its an overflowing Sink, drain the water etc..
- If there are electronic appliances plugged in the area, shut off your fuses before removing them immediately.
- Phone Go Clean straight away on 1300-1400-GO (1300-1400-46), ssist you we will provide a priority, emergency service and attend straight away
- while we are on the way, if it is safe to do so, remove as many items as possible from effected carpets and upholstery, and phone your insurance company if need be (your insurance company will ordinarily authorise and require you to make the initial 'makesafe' arrangements to prevent further damage until such time as their assessor can attend.
- On arrival, we will provide you with our initial assessment which you may need for your insurance company later.
-If there are still items on the carpet we will help you move them to a safe area.
-Now we can commence extracting the water from the carpet - how long this takes will depend on the extent of the damage.
-After the initial extraction, we will apply antimicrobial agents and deodorisors to inhibit mould growth and smells from becoming a problem while the carpet continues to dry.
-We may need to lift the carpet from the edges to install air-movers beneath the carpet to continue drying once we are gone, and a dehumidifier may be needed in the home to remove ambient moisture, you will need to stay out of these areas while they dry. There is no set time for how long this can take, thick underlays and plush pile will take longer than an industrial carpet layer over concrete.
- If we have left equipment in your home to continue the drying process, we will liaise with you over the phone before returning to test how dry the carpet is and if further steps are required usually 24hrs later.
- Once dry, the restoration process begins, we can remove any equipment from your home and lay your carpet back down if it was pulled up.
- We again apply antimicrobials and deodorisers for good measure, and perform a thorough dry clean of the carpet. Our customers have told us that after the restoration is complete the carpet looks better than it did before it was waterlogged in the first place!

Water Damaged carpet is not friendly on the wallet, so its always advisable to speak with your insurer. Full Water damage restoration for 1 room of carpet (up to 13sqm) starts at $295, which includes:
- Initial Emergency Callout - no surcharge for after hours
- Initial Written Assessment
- Extraction of the floor and initial clean, 1hr initial labour included for extraction, furniture moving, lifting carpet etc
- Initial Dose of antimicrobial
- Initial Dose of deodoriser
- Installation of drying equipment
- 24hr air mover hire
- Secondary callout included in business hours
- Testing of floors with hydro sensor for dryness assessment
- Final Restorative Dry Clean
- Final dose of Antimicrobial
- Final Deodorisation

These sorts of things tend to happen at the most in-opportune times, so we accept a 14 day account terms on our water damage restoration services.
We are more than happy to accept payments directly from your insurance company and invoice them for our services directly if they have approved your claim and Authorised us to do so.

Call us on 1300-1400-GO (1300-1400-46) right now for 24hr emergency service.