Alcoholic Beverages

It's easy to see how alcoholic beverages can end up on your carpet, and not surprisingly this is one of the more common specialty stains we are called out to fix.

Some alcoholic beverages such as pre-mixed alco-pops have food dyes in them (dyes which are designed to permanently alter the colour of the product they're added to), and this presents a whole range of issues of its own. In any event, quick action will be your savior!

As soon as you can, absorb any excess spillage with a dry towel, and dilute what remains with cold water. its important that you don't use too much liquid, as you need to prevent spreading the stain over a larger area

Blot the now diluted mark with a dry towel to further absorb out what you can, and repeat the last two steps until no further staining is removed onto the towel.

Mix about a teaspoon of detergent (use GO-Spot carpet spotter instead if you have some) and a teaspoon of white vinegar, into a cup of warm water. Apply the solution to the spot by dabbing on it with a towel.

Let the carpet dry and Vacuum gently.

If the spot still remains, you can try repeating the last two steps. If the dye has set the stain permanently or you need further assistance, you may like to try Go Cleans specialised spot & stain treatment service. Some dyes can be un-set and removed, or if not, your technician may be able make the stain invisible by chemically altering the colour. The sooner you treat it the better the results so don't delay!
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