Carpet Dry Cleaning

Go Clean Carpet Cleaning Professionals Adelaide Go Clean carpet cleaners offer a premium carpet dry cleaning service that is second to none. The carpets are left so dry that they can be walked on immediately, and the process can result in a higher level of stain removal than any other cleaning process!

Carpet Cleaning for home-owners:
The carpets in your home were a huge investment to install, and an expense none of us want to think about if they ever need replacing. The best way to avoid longterm preventable damage is to vacuum often, and have them professionaly cleaned by GO CLEAN carpet cleaning Adelaide every 6-12months. We target both the particulate matter that wears the carpet away, aswell as the staining that can make them undesirable to look at. We can apply GO Guard protective coatings to help with future spills before they happen, and offer invaluable advice usefull for keeping your carpet looking its best for as long as you need it to, Synthetic fibres like acrylics, nylons and polyesters as well as natural carpet fibres like wool respond fantastic to our cleaning process. Dont wait untill its too late, have us get your caret looking great today!

Carpet Cleaning for tennants:
Moving out or have an inspection comming up? Well if you want to keep your bond, you need to keep your carpet looking sharp. Carpet isn't cheap to replace, which is why tennancy agreements will ordinarily require you have the carpet proffessionaly cleaned. Landlords love us, and chances are they already asked you to use GO CLEAN, because of how great we can get the carpet looking. Theres no point messing around with hire machines or "backyard Joe" to save a few dollars before moving out - Landlords may ask for reciepts from professionals to make sure it was done properly, and if the job isnt done right because the machine you hired soaked the floor, your landlord may call us direct to do it properly and could take that out of your bond. Dont mess around, call GO CLEAN and use the carpet cleaner that landlords love!

Our dry cleaning process involves:
1) A pre-inspection of any stains or problem areas to determine the most appropriate course of action. We will move furniture within reason, and prepare your room for the clean
2) We vacuum your carpets with a professional strength vacuum to remove dry particles and debris.
3) Your carpets are pre-treated with a stain removal solution. Special attention will be payed to high traffic or problem areas in order to be sure the best possible result is achieved during the clean.
4) Your carpets are thoroughly bonnet cleaned. The achievement is equivalent to hand scrubbing individual stains...... This is why our process gets such great results!
5) Your carpets are combed to promote fast drying, softness, and give them that plush 'new' fresh look you're after.
Your carpets are now clean, healthy, look brilliant, and dry enough to walk on as soon as we're done! You can get back to your routine straight away with no fuss and no inconvenience! They'll look better than steam cleaning, and they'll stay cleaner longer than carpet shampooing.

So if your after carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, or any other type of cleaning in Adelaide, Go Clean carpet cleaners are the carpet cleaner for you.

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