The troubles homeowners face with tile & grout maintenance vs carpet

Before and after picture of some very grubby grout lines and tiles that's been professionally cleaned by Go Clean

I'm not so sure these days which is harder for the home owner to maintain on a daily basis.... Carpet, or Hard Floors???
Carpet obviously traps allot of dirt from spreading around the home, and quickly shows it if not vacuumed regularly. Tiles on the other-hand can be swept every day and still look dusty an hour later!
Stains can be tough to remove from carpet, but sometimes impossible to remove from tiles without professional help.
Carpets can be Go Guarded to offer extra protection against spills, but what is needed for tiles? Some tiles offer natural resistance to staining, but all types of stone is porus, and spills WILL eventually leech in and permanently stain if left sitting... The most vulnerable part of your tiled floor is the grout lines. Sitting lower than the tile, dirty mop water will naturally pool in the grout lines, and being very porus, will often absorb anything that's left siting which is why so many homes we visit have black looking grout lines. Sealing of tile and grout is a service that GO Clean offers as a solution to this problem we all have. The sealer is absorbed into the clean grout, and permanently plugs the pores to repel moisture absorption, keeping your grout looking like it should each time you mop! Now, if you didn't have them sealed when they were layed, never-mind, we can certainly clean them first, just like we did to the pictured home today.... Visit or phone us on 1300-1400-46 (1300-1400-GO) for more details :)